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                              NMRA Achievement Program in the SMD

I became the SMD Achievement Program (AP) chairman several years ago when I asked about the AP
at a divisional meeting. Like most things in life, if you show some interest, you are on the committee. I
figured that there must be a few other members with an interest in the AP. My job as AP chairman is
to encourage members to apply for the various awards and certificates that are part of the AP. I can
help with the paperwork, but can’t help with your modeling! Once I sign your application, I will forward
it to the regional AP manager, Charlie Flichman in North Carolina. He will issue the certificate and I
will present it at a divisional meeting.

The first AP award most people earn is the Golden Spike (GS). The GS has a short list of qualifications:
Display 6 units of rolling stock (scratchbuilt, craftsman, or super-detailed kits)
Construction of 8 square feet of layout with scenery
Construct 5 structures (scratchbuilt, craftsman, or super-detailed kits)
Installation of 3 types of trackage (for example: turnouts and crossings) with appropriate ballast and
Wire the above trackage so that 2 trains can be operated simultaneously (for example: double-track
main and command control)
Provide one additional electrical feature (for example: power turnouts)

All of the above items don’t need to be on the same layout or even in the same scale. You can even
use your contributions to club layouts.

The AP also includes eleven achievement certificates (in addition to the GS) in four areas. These
Master builder-motive power
Master builder-cars
Master builder-scenery
Master builder-prototype models
Master builder-structures
Engineering and Operation:
Master railroad engineer-civil
Master railroad engineer-electrical
Chief dispatcher
Association official
Association volunteer
Model railroad author
Of course, there is paperwork to fill out for each of these certificates. If you are a volunteer, you
need to fill out a log of all the times you volunteer to host a meet, etc.

The ultimate award for a model railroader is the title Master Model Railroader (MMR). To earn the title
MMR you must earn 7 of the above certificates, at least one in each area. There have been just under
400 MMR titles conferred.

For more details and forms consult or let me know if you
need a form and I will send it to you. Watch out, I’m coming to your layout soon and I will try to
convince you to apply!

Ron Polimeni
Mike Shockey, Golden Spike,
March 2011

Richard Lind, AP Volunteer
March 2011

Roy Hoffman, Golden Spike,
December 2010

Pete Clarke, Association
Volunteer, January, 2011

Jane Clarke, Association
Volunteer, January, 2011
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